What does Kompas do?

In short, we do communication. Strategic, creative and digital. By far, we do communication that is interconnected all around. This means that, based on insights and analyses, we put the strategy together and organise communication so that the different efforts interact and support each other. We are on home soil in movies, animation, creative campaigns, social media (like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), digital media (like Google, YouTube and banners), digital targeting, websites, ads (online and print), press, influencer marketing, collaboration with experts and brand ambassadors, media planning, copywriting and podcasts. In other words, the platform itself is subordinate to us, if only the good and credible story is at the center – because it is and always has been the common thread in our work.

Who are the faces behind Kompas ?

We are approximately 25 employees, who together cover most of the subject areas we work with in Kompas . From communication advisors and copywriters to creative concept makers, graphic artists and specialists in film, animation, websites and social and digital media. If we need other special competencies, we draw on a number of permanent partners within motion graphics, medical writing, programming and public affairs. Kompas has an unusually high level of employee seniority, and we don't think that's a coincidence. For we want to Kompas should be a nice place to be – so nice that both advisers, managers, freelancers and assistants love Mondays (almost) as much as Fridays.

How are we as human beings?

We are present, committed and available to customers when they need us. And we are sincerely interested in them and their challenges. That is why we are not pushy towards customers but like to go the extra mile to satisfy them. We make an effort, set our goals high and move our customers, while staying within the frame. And then we deliver, behave properly and are really nice - maybe that's why our customers tend to stay with us. Not just for a couple of years. But for many years.

Who are our customers?

The customer list includes some of the largest Danish and international companies, e.g. Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Roche, GSK and Boehringer Ingelheim, Nestlé, Orkla, the Danish Tax Agency, the Gambling Authority, Thai Airways and Codan. That said, your company's name or size doesn't determine whether we can help you. Over the years, we have worked for the vast majority of companies in the vast majority of industries, and we still do today. But there are still two industries where we have some very special competences and a very special experience.

Since the beginning, we have been working with healthcare and pharma. Our current and former customers include the largest pharmaceutical and life science companies in the world, a large number of Danish and Nordic patient associations as well as hospitals and ministries. We have worked with more than 60 different therapy areas – and work in a Nordic, European and of course Danish context. We have been behind more than 200 campaigns in the field of disease education and medical care, which have targeted both healthcare professionals, patients, relatives, key opinion leaders and the general public. We emphasize that all our employees are able to make the rare combination of the creative and the regulatory. This means that we not only know the ENLI rules and are certified in gdpr, but that we can work both strategically, digitally and creatively with communication.
Food brands need to offer their customers more than just a product if they want to stand out and build loyalty. They must be part of a complete universe, based on design and communication that inspires all the way from the shelf in the store to the kitchen at home. in Kompas we therefore work with communication on all retail platforms, e.g. product pr, chain activities, store exhibitions, sampling, events, influencer marketing and packaging communication. All based on the latest food trends and consumer patterns. Communicating about food is a very special discipline – and as strictly regulated as healthcare. Therefore, it can be a bit of an art to think outside the box without stepping outside the lines. But it is something we have shown that we master, among other things for some of the largest Danish and international brands such as Orkla, Santa Maria, 3-Stjernet, l'or, Carlsberg, Aalbæk Specialties, Paradis and Valsemøllen. "You become what you eat," it once said. And that's still true. In communication about food, communication on health and sustainability also becomes relevant. Because what we put in our mouths says a great deal about our attitudes, knowledge and political standing, where we live and who we are. Of course, we also think a great deal about this when developing and implementing strategies for our food customers.

What is our story?

Since we started as a PR agency a good 16 years ago, we have worked to move a little (and preferably a lot) every single day. That is why we are also in a completely different place today than we were back then. The focal point is probably still the credible story, but the media, the grips and the way it is conveyed are new and constantly evolving. And it makes good sense. Because if we were not to keep our finger on the pulse, who would?

Where do we do communication?

We do this throughout the Nordic region. And if communication needs to go even further, we help via our global agency network Weber Shandwick.
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