In short, we do communication. Strategic, creative and digital.

Said shortly, we make communication. Strategic, creative and digital. Extendedly, we make communication that is interconnected all the way around. This means that on the basis of insights and analyzes, we lay out a strategy and organize the communication so that the different efforts play together and support each other. We are on home ground in film, animation, creative campaigns, social media (like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), digital media (like Google, YouTube and banners), digital targeting, websites, ads (online and print), press, influencer marketing , collaboration with experts and brand ambassadors, media planning, copywriting and podcasts.

In other words, the platform itself is subordinate to us, if only the good and credible story is at the center - for it is and has always been the common thread in our work.

Who are the faces behind Kompas?

We are approximately 25 employees, which together cover most of the subject areas we work with at Kompas. Ranging from communication consultants and copywriters to creative concept makers, graphic designers and specialists in film, animation, websites as well as social and digital media. If we need other special competencies, we draw on a number of regular partners in motion graphics, medical writing, programming and public affairs.

Kompas has an unusually high employee seniority, and we do not think this is a coincidence. Because we want Kompas to be a nice place to be at - so nice that both advisors, managers, freelancers and assistants love Mondays (almost) as much as Fridays.

We are present, committed and available to customers when they need us. And we are sincerely interested in them and their challenges. That is why we are not pushy towards customers but like to go the extra mile to satisfy them.

We make an effort, set our goals high and move our customers, while staying within the frame. And then we deliver, behave properly and are really nice - maybe that's why our customers tend to stay with us. Not just for a couple of years. But for many years.

How are we as humans?

Who are our customers?

The customer list includes some of the largest Danish and international companies, e.g. Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Roche, GSK and Boehringer Ingelheim, Nestlé, Orkla, the Danish Tax Agency, the Danish Gaming Authority, Thai Airways and Codan. With that being said, we are here to help you no matter the name or size of your business.

Over time, we have worked for the vast majority of types of companies in the vast majority of industries, and we still do that today. But there are two industries in which we have extraordinary competencies and experience in.

Since we started as a PR agency a good 16 years ago, we have worked to move a little (and preferably a lot) every single day. That is why we are also in a completely different place today than we were back then. The focal point is probably still the credible story, but the media, the grips and the way it is conveyed are new and constantly evolving. And it makes good sense. Because if we were not to keep our finger on the pulse, who would?

What is our story?

Where do we do communication?

We do this throughout the Nordic region. And if communication needs to go even further, we help via our global agency network Weber Shandwick.
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