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New quick guide to help companies with "green" marketing

Does your company have mastered the rules and practices of "green" marketing? 🌱

The Consumer Ombudsman has just published a quick guide for companies and communicators (with sparring from, among others, The European Commission and the European Commission). Kompas) with rules and practices for marketing with climate and environmental claims.

The new quick guide describes, among other things, what you as a company should be aware of, so that you do not end up in a 'greenwashing' trap.

Did you know, for example, that...

  1. According to the Marketing Act § 13.
  2. Efforts such as "carbon neutral by 2030" require a reduction plan that shows both current climate accounts and expectations for the future, as well as the plan must be verified by an independent body.

Read more about the specific rules in the quick guide here