When mom gets breast cancer

It is not only mothers, who are affected by breast cancer. Their kids are too. However, previously there were no public support for children under the age of 18, whose parents are diagnosed with cancer. The Danish Breast Cancer Organisation therefore wanted to offer this type of help in collaboration with Pfizer. We made three films in collaboration with MakeSense, where Danish kids of mothers affected by breast cancer shared their thoughts. The films were shared on Facebook and the organization’s homepage, while a survey-based PR story brought the issue into focus in national media, television shows and family magazines. A brochure with good advices was distributed to support groups throughout the whole country.

The campaign was running from 2015 to 2016 and attracted a great deal of attention on social media and in the news media. The campaign also got a standing ovation from leading doctors at the annual meeting of the Danish Breast Cancer Groups.