Digital & Social

Media purchasing across digital platforms, SEM / SEO, digital purchase journey, digital trends and community management.

We advise and help our customers lay out a digital strategy that supports the business goal. We also stand for community management on social media and produce creative content that creates engagement across platforms.

Based on a digital strategy, we tie the entire communication effort together in one digital user journey, which ensures that the various digital efforts play together and support each other. In this way, our customers get a greater overall return on the individual investments.

In order to provide our customers with better service - and insights they can take with them - we work with digital dashboards that provide full transparency in our work on the digital platforms. It makes the digital strategy a dynamic collaboration more than just one isolated delivery.

Among other things, we can assist with:

  • Strategy development
  • Development of editorial plans
  • Community management
  • Digital distribution (SOME + Google ads)

  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital dashboards for reporting
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We are Facebook Blueprint certified, which in other words means that we are actually mega good at advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

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Bo Falsig

Partner / CEO

+45 27 14 41 20

Lotte Christensen

Senior communications adviser

+45 42 64 14 40

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