Food and beverages

Fødevarer og bæredygtighed
Du bliver, hvad du spiser”, lød det engang. Og det gælder sådan set stadigvæk. I kommunikation om fødevarer bliver kommunikation om sundhed og bæredygtighed også relevant. For det, vi putter i munden, siger en hel masse om vores holdninger, viden og politiske ståsted, hvor vi bor og hvem vi er. Det tænker vi naturligvis også en hel del over, når vi udvikler og implementerer strategier for vores fødevarekunder.

Four trends are currently the hallmarks of the food sector, but they all point in a more sustainable direction. Among other things, there is a massive focus on foods with fewer additives, less unprocessed food, animal welfare, packaging consumption, plant-based food, new innovative ingredients and food produced under particularly climate-smart conditions. For it is becoming increasingly clear to consumers that food must be both tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly.

In relation to sustainability and food, we help both companies with how they can work with, for example, the UN's World Goals and become more sustainable in a number of areas – as well as advising on how companies' sustainability initiatives can be communicated even better to consumers and other stakeholders.

Food and beverage brands need to offer their customers more than just a product if they want to stand out and create loyalty. They must be part of a fully-fledged universe, based on design and communication that inspires all the way from the shelf in the store to the kitchen at home.

We therefore work with communication on all retail platforms at Kompas. For example product promotion, chain activities, shop exhibitions, sampling, events, influencer marketing and packaging communication. All based on the latest food trends and consumer patterns.

Communicating about food is a very special discipline - and just as strictly regulated as healthcare. Therefore, it can be a bit of an art to think outside the box without stepping outside the lines. But it is something we have shown that we master, including some of the largest Danish and international brands such as Santa Maria, 3-Stjernet, l’or, Carlsberg, Aalbæk Specialiteter, Paradis and Finax.