Project description

Poker face?

Approx. 125,000 adult Danes are thought to have problems with gambling. Gambling addiction is a problem that can be difficult to stop in time and is known as "the hidden addiction".
The campaign was initiated as part of the relaunch of the StopSpillet helpline, which the Danish Gaming Authority had taken over from Danske Spil at the beginning of 2019 and given a new name to. Therefore, one of the primary goals of the campaign was to make more players aware of the independent helpline.


The insight about gambling addiction as a problem hidden from the outside world became the creative starting point for the campaign, which Kompas developed in close collaboration with the behavioral agency /KL.7. Through the campaign's films, viewers get a glimpse behind the facade - the poker face - that gambling addicts often spend enormous resources on keeping hidden from their family and friends. The campaign was launched on TV, digital and social media in December 2019.


The Helpline experienced significantly more calls from gambling addicts as a result of the campaign. Impact measurement showed that twice as many people would call StopSpillet if they or someone they care about developed an addiction to gambling (an increase from 6% to 12%).
Every fifth Dane noticed the campaign, and of these, every fourth would call StopSpillet if they or an acquaintance developed an addiction to gambling.

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