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Thank the coffee farmers for the coffee beans.

World coffee production is under threat. Climate change and the starvation of coffee farms mean that both land suitable for coffee growing and the farmers who have to grow them risk being so drastically reduced within a few years that coffee becomes a shortage. And then it's no more getting the coffee wrong in your throat...
The 'Thank You for Coffee' campaign was launched in connection with World Coffee Day, and Nestlé's coffee brands wanted a Nordic campaign for their sustainability efforts, Grown Respectfully. An effort that has trained +100 coffee farmers in sustainable production methods and donated +180 million coffee trees to coffee farmers worldwide to ensure the future coffee production.


The campaign's was based on the insight that people will be more grateful if they actively show gratitude. Therefore, the Kompas a Nordic "thank you" campaign, in which the essence of Grown Respectfully "respect" was translated into the concrete and human gesture of "thank you".


The campaign was executed via local films with Danes, Swedes and Norwegians, each reflecting on their gratitude for coffee. In the films, we encouraged consumers to visit Nestlé's website, and for each click to the page, a tree was planted during the Grownly Respectful effort. The campaign resulted in 40,660 clicks on social media and Youtube in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and has now been converted to trees. 40,660 trees that Nescafé has now planted as thanks to the coffee farmers for their coffee beans.
The campaign was launched on social media in the run-up to World Coffee Day 2019 and at the same time "thank-you samplers" took to the streets of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm with warm Nescafé coffee, served with the campaign's message.
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