Project description

The campaign created awareness about being pregnant and chemicals

Many pregnant women did not know about the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s good advices on how to avoid damaging chemicals before and during their pregnancy. Our strategy and solution was based on a holistic campaign with a synergy between online advertisements, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s Facebook and Instagram, collaborations with leading experts, campaign site, influencer event, where pregnant influencers among others meet the Minister for the Environment, brochure with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s 7 good advices distributed to the target group including doctors, midwives and pharmacies as well as survey-based press initiatives.
The campaign was conducted in 2015 in collaboration with the advertising agency, Fosbury and helped set the agenda in the media. An independent impact assessment showed that 85 pct. of the target group, who had seen the campaign, felt better informed on pregnancy and chemistry afterwards.

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