How we survived the first corona wave


Flexibility, loyal pharma customers and new forms of solidarity were instrumental in Kompas Kommunikation came through the first wave of corona without either layoffs, wage cuts or aid packages. On the contrary, the crisis has Kompas that carer is dead, [...]

Animation makes the complex simple


We know this – the eyes are attracted to what's moving – movies and animations just work better on digital and social media. And especially animations are great tools to make complex [...]

How can a pharmaceutical industry be sustainable?


A sustainable pharmaceutical industry has a close eye on the current health problems, the world is in the middle of the past – and sees its responsibilities and opportunities in them.

A sustainable pharmaceutical industry – what is it?


Climate, CO2 emissions and balanced resource consumption have so far dominated the sustainability agenda. Also in the health and pharmaceutical industries. But sustainability is much broader – and largely includes crises like the current one, where inequality in [...]

A day as an intern at Kompas Kommunikation


Written by: Cecilie Fjeldsøe, intern spring 2020 My name is Cecilie, and I read communication at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. I am lucky enough that I have to spend six months learning from [...]

Internship at Kompas – Q&A


If you are considering searching for an internship, you probably make a lot of thought about what it takes and what you get out of it. Our current intern, Anne, tells a little about her experiences and [...]

Is pharma on social media dangerous?


Last week, we once again pressed the "Publish Page" button on Facebook for one of our many pharmaceutical customers, and on that occasion we provide answers to the questions that we most often get, [...]

Get the best agency collaboration with these 5 tips


Collaboration between agencies and customers can be challenging – two very different worlds meet with potentially very different angles on time, objectives, processes and price. An eternal topical issue. But do both [...]