At Kompas we work primarily with industries that are heavily regulated in their marketing, including the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Companies' work on sustainability has a huge impact on what and how they communicate. And conversely, the rules on how to communicate sustainability have a major impact on how companies can and should organise their sustainability strategy.

These industries are used to a tight framework for their communications - and a keen eye on their behaviour. Two things that are very much true in sustainability work.

Both industries are also very large and still continuing to grow. In Denmark, for example, pharmaceuticals are one of our biggest exports. And it is clear that such large industries therefore also account for a large part of a nation's climate footprint. This means that sustainability is - or will very soon become - a condition of existence for these companies. This includes the ability to communicate sustainability in a proper and ethical way.

But because these industries are so large, they also have the opportunity to make one of the biggest sustainable impacts on the planet. If they want to - and if they recognise that sustainability is about taking responsibility for the climate and carbon footprint of the business - but also about influencing and challenging the huge social and health issues of which the business is a part.

Vi hjælper bl.a. med kommunikation om:

  • Sygdomsoplysning
  • Patientstøtte
  • Sundhed, helbred og forebyggelse
  • Nye forskningstiltag
  • Antibiotikaresistens
  • Biodiversitet
  • Ligestilling / diversitet
  • Pandemisk beredskab / vaccineudvikling
  • Supportive care
  • Offentlig-private partnerskaber
  • Ansvarlig fødevareproduktion- og forarbejdelse
  • Lige adgang til medicin / ulighed i sundhed
  • Udbredelse af fjernvarme
  • Genbrug af medical devices

Most of our clients are already working on climate accounting, ESGs and SDGs either regionally or globally - and some of them also with a business strategy approach to sustainability.

  • Advising on business actions related to sustainability once the overall sustainability strategy is in place
  • To formulate, layout and creatively communicate
  • To develop communication strategies and plans, based on the overall sustainability strategy of the company
  • Communicating sustainability actions and objectives
  • To launch and communicate sustainability strategies both internally and externally to all stakeholders
  • To advise on sustainability communication - and the rules for it
  • CO2 accounts
  • Specialised management consultancy on sustainability
  • All kinds of certifications
  • Development of new certifications and climate labels

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Hvorfor er medicinalindustrien så afhængig af naturen

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