Sustainability is beyond reseal

Companies' work on sustainability has a huge impact on what and how they communicate. Some of the industries we work with in particular in Kompas pharmaceutical and food industries. Both industries are very large and continue to grow. In Denmark, for example, medicines are one of our largest exports. And it is clear that such large industries therefore also account for a large part of a nation's climate footprint. But it's not just bad – because it means that these industries also have the opportunity to make one of the biggest sustainable footprints on the planet. If they want to – and if they recognise that sustainability is more than just climate and CO2. Because there's a lot more to come!

Many of our customers already work with sustainability and the UN's 17 SDGs either regionally or globally.

Others are seeing the necessity of it – and the possibilities of it. in Kompas we can help. We do this either by advising and developing companies' internal and external strategies on how they will be sustainable, including how they will work with e.g. the UN Sustainable Development Goals. But we also take the work on sustainability a step further when we advise on and specifically develop the communication that is necessary when the sustainability strategy is in place and the good intentions must be implemented and disseminated.
Working with sustainability involves, for example, working with:

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