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Danish Environmental Protection Agency

The campaign created awareness about being pregnant and chemicals

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1 million protein buns sold with the help from a health and fitness influencer

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Focus on lifestyle and design features

Focus on lifestyle and design features

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Take control of the bend

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Pfizer and Danish Breast Cancer Organisation

When mom gets breast cancer

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Boehringer-Ingelheim and Asthma-Allergy Denmark

Does your man sound like a sea lion?

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Incyte Biosciences

New communications platform showcased on European Medical Conference

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Breaking down the taboo around sweat helped legitimize antiperspirant

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Astellas Pharma

The largest Nordic survey sets the agenda on prostate cancer

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Influencer marketing makes a niche brand known by the masses

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Amazon Prime Video

Making an entrance on the Danish market through PR

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Fjernvarme Horsens

Lots of supporters to district heating

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Social media
We use social media to create engaging communities.

Creative concepts and campaigns
We master the visual narratives in creative campaigns and concepts.

Bloggers and influencers
We engage influencers as strategic ambassadors for brands, messages and products.

We make both content films for social media and websites as well as more comprehensive, creative campaign movies.

PR and press work
We put the media agenda through good journalist contacts and relevant stories.

In-house production of movies, websites, animations, apps and digital solutions.

Crisis communication, media training and issues management
We help with proactive and reactive issues management and crisis management for customers throughout the Nordic region.

We make storytelling and write all kinds of texts for all types of readers.

Analysis, data and the kompas panel
Through our own research we develop insights and data for strategy and communication.

About Kompas

Kompas Kommunikation is a strategic and executive communications agency that has a special focus on consumers, patients, professionals and citizens. We were established in 2004 as a classic PR agency, and our PR approach continues to be an important part of our communication. This means that our clients’ relations and the good story are point of departure in everything we do. We believe that strong relationships can change behavior, build trust and move attitudes. With that said, our services are versatile and include social media, influencer collaborations, online and digital communication, creative concepts and campaigns, film production, press work, medical writing, crisis communication, data and analysis.

Trusted advisors and experts in making complex communication easily accessible
As trusted advisors, we pride ourselves on being able to provide strategic, competent and value-adding advice in the field of communication. We are specialists in communication – and experts in making complex communication easily accessible.

Tailor-made creative concepts create measurable results
We believe that creativity must permeate everything we do. That's why we make a virtue of tailoring concepts and creative solutions that meet the challenges of our customers. We deliver measurable results, whether we take on the role of lead agency and develop campaigns from A-Z, or whether we act as a complementary agency in synergy with other marketing on individual production tasks.

Reach all over the world
We are domiciled in Toldbodgade 55 in the heart of Copenhagen and work primarily in Denmark and the Nordic countries. But we are also the only Danish agency in one of the world's largest PR network, Weber Shandwick, which means we can roll out campaigns around the world.


Thomas Hartvig

Partner / Director
+ 45 21 65 96 70

Bo Falsig

Partner / CEO
+ 45 27 14 41 20

Kirstine Bøving Andersen

Partner / Director of Kompas Consumer
+ 45 29 79 63 25

On maternity leave

Camille Aulkær Andersen

Partner / Head of Kompas Healthcare
+ 45 51 90 05 83

Rikke Koks Andreassen

Associated Senior Advisor
+ 45 53 38 50 30

Lotte Christensen

Communications Adviser & Senior Project Manager / Agency & Compliance Manager
+ 45 42 64 14 40

Christine Monberg

Associated SoMe Specialist & Senior Communications Advisor
+ 254 704 833 230

Henriette Tybjerg

Senior Communications Advisor & Project Manager
+ 45 26 79 39 81

On maternity leave

Anna Elena Petersen

Senior Communications Advisor & Project Manager
+ 45 26 80 50 04

Emilie Holmbo Jensen

Senior Communications Advisor & Project Manager
+ 45 25 18 70 90

Helene Larsen

Communications Adviser & Project Manager
+ 45 51 88 69 27

Sebastian Wulf Holm

+ 45 51 32 95 03

Fredrika Sundgren

Swedish Communications Advisor
+ 46 73 90 98 851

Anna Tallberg

Swedish Assistant Advisor
+ 45 60 56 96 96

Ingvild Mørkved

Associate Norwegian Senior Communications Advisor
+ 34 672 338 038

Søren Thomsen

Digital Strategist
+ 45 51 35 78 18

Mustafa Akyürek

Graphic Designer & Frontend Developer
+ 45 28 97 22 28

Frederik Lind Laurenborg

 Art Director
+ 45 42 30 88 04

Jacob Jorp Hansen

Film Producer
+ 45 27 59 64 00

Kent Lawaetz

Camera Operator & Editor
+ 45 28 35 89 36

Matilde Schibstad

Assistant Advisor
+ 45 61 61 00 38

Emilie Stenderup-Jensen

Assistant Advisor
+ 45 26 27 06 26

Mathilde Brix

Assistant Advisor
+ 45 26 29 43 69

Mette Stenlund

Assistant Advisor
+ 45 60 14 69 29

Ida Marcussen

Assistant Advisor
+ 45 51 51 78 22

Emilie Bruun Poulsen

Assistant Advisor
+ 45 25 12 94 44

Rikke Trøjborg

Assistant Advisor
+ 45 22 77 84 58

Jørgen Taunø

Finance Manager
+ 45 24 29 29 29

Hanne Qvist

Project Controller
+ 45 25 88 35 38

Do you want to be part of a professional and creative team?

We are always interested in getting in touch with potential colleagues, freelancers and affiliates. So, if you want to be part of the team, please send us your resume on job@kompas.dk.

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