Kompas Strategic Digital Creative


We are Kompas

Welcome to a competent and responsible communications agency, dedicated to helping people to lead healthier and better lives. We have been doing this for 18 years – strategically, creatively, and digitally.  

Creative concepts & campaigns

We begin with strategy, then develop concepts based on insights and present them creatively.

Film, animation & motion graphics

We specialize in motion graphics and produce everything from major campaign films to animated films.

Digital media & media procurement

We develop campaign material, strategy, and handle media procurement. This simplifies the process and helps you to work with a single communication partner.

Analysis and strategy

Insights are the basis for all strategy, creativity, and communication.

PR and public opinion

Written press releases, video press releases, media pitching, publicity monitoring, crisis management and media training.

Graphic & design

Graphic design, CVI development, visual concepts, infographics, layout and rendering.

Websites and apps

We both design, copywrite, code and operate websites of all sizes. From large and complex ones to simple and more straightforward ones.

Influencer marketing

Involvement of vloggers, bloggers, style icons, artists, ambassadors, and micro-influencers for brand aware-ness, co-creation, direct sales, and disseminating information.


Entertainment, information, inspiration, and knowledge-sharing through expertly crafted audio.

Text drafting

Journalism, copywriting, storytelling, and all other word-related disciplines that shape attitudes, engage people emotionally and ultimately drive results.